We firmly believe that visible results speak louder than words, so check out some of our clients' before and after pictures below, all thanks to MiiCoach.

Imesh Before and after.png

"I've been working with Josh for around 1o weeks now. He has trained me online through a weekly call along with a personalised diet plan and exercise regime. Before I started training with him, I was depressed and tired of the way I look. I was reaching obese levels of weight and was unable to stop myself from binge eating. Once I started training, Josh completely changed my mindset. He went over my current conditions and rewired my brain. Now I have a goal in mind and am enjoying life much more than before. I lost 6 kg in 10 weeks and have been gaining muscle since. I couldn't do a single push up, now I can do 20. It may not sound like much, but this change was huge to me. I 100% recommend MiiCoach for anyone willing to change not just their body, but their mind."

Kelly side before and after.jpg

"I've noticed sooooo many changes. Down a size on my clothes, healthier habit, better energy levels, reduced sugar intake and cravings... just to name a few. Thanks, MiiCoach!"

Nathan back before and after.png

"It's been a thorough pleasure training with MiiCoach over the last 8 months. When I started I was overweight and carrying an injury. I told MiiCoach what I wanted to achieve training with them (weight loss and strength building around my injured knee). MiiCoach then wrote a series of meal plans for me that had the weight dropping off sustainably as well as weekly training sessions tailored to my needs. MiiCoach is a really lovely and engaging guy who thoroughly knows his stuff!"


"I am so grateful for MiiCoach who coached me online via an easy to use app on my phone with a weekly mapped out structure to suit my goals, including assistance with meal plans and nutritional information. MiiCoach provides great support with a weekly check-in via a zoom meeting and is always available to help if needed. The progress I have made in a short period has been a welcome surprise. I highly recommend MiiCoach."